Everyone is invited to Shabbat Tots ‘n Torah at PTS!
Please join us for a musical and festive Shabbat service geared to preschool-age children.

Tots ‘n Torah is open to our entire community – whether you have children (or grandchildren) enrolled in the PTS Preschool or not!

RSVP includes a light meal for parents and children ($5 for chidren, $10 for adults). The meal is usually, but not always, immediately after the short service. This year we have a mix of Friday evenings and Saturday mornings so we will be serving a light dinner or breakfast depending on the day.

Here are the Tots ‘n Torah dates for the 2018-2019 school year:


September 6

November 1

December 6


January 31

March 6

April 3

May 1

In order to observe the custom of not exchanging money on Shabbat, we encourage all members wishing to attend Friday night dinners at the temple to register and pay ahead of time. We will still welcome those who have reservations but have not paid, but instead of taking payment at the door, we’ll bill your temple account. Thank you for helping keep the sanctity of Shabbat. Please contact the PTS Preschool office, 650-697-2279 for any questions.