Shabbat Shalom from Cantor Anna Zhar

Cantor Anna Zhar

VaYehi Erev VaYehi Voker, Yom Sheni. “And there was evening and there was morning, a second day.”


Shabbat Shalom from Jon Herstein

Jon Herstein

Moses’ thoughts immediately turn to succession planning (the mark of any strong leader), and he asks God to "appoint an envoy to the community" so that they "may not be like sheep that have no shepherd."


Shabbat Shalom from Heidi Schell

Heidi Schell

Being present, noticing, and appreciating the beauty around us are important behaviors in both birding and Judaism (not to mention life itself.)


Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Lisa Delson

Rabbi Lisa Delson

Today is an Independence Day for the former slaves in our country. As Jews, we know how to celebrate emancipation, our entire Passover narrative is about being freed from slavery. Every year, we are supposed to feel as if we were personally freed from bondage and now have the chance for freedom. Had I not been listening, this day would have passed by me. I’m not proud of that fact, but it is the truth.


Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Molly Plotnik

Rabbi Molly Plotnik

And yet, the wisdom of Rabbi Tarfon reminds me that there is never a perfect time to let go of one’s work. We live in a world that is continually in process, and thank God for that. Saying goodbye to someone or something you love will always be hard, but it also means you’re opening up space for someone else to come in and offer their gifts.


Racism In Our Time

Rabbi Dan Feder

"That Justice is a blind goddess, Is a thing to which we black are wise: Her bandage hides two festering sores, That once perhaps were eyes."


Shabbat Shalom from Cantor Alexandra Fox

Cantor Alexandra Fox

“The singing. There was so much singing then, and this was my pleasure too. We all sang. The boys in the fields, The chapels were full of singing, always singing. Here I lie. I have had pleasure enough. I have had singing.”

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