What is a Caring Community?

Caring Community is the soul of PTS. It begins with our wonderful clergy who are at the core of our caring community, providing pastoral care, guidance, support, resources and more during times of need. Caring Community is an integral component of our Sukkat Shalom where our community comes together to ensure that no Temple member ever needs to feel, or be, alone. Through our own experiences, we know that enduring friendships created and maintained in congregational settings offer a unique feeling of connection and spiritual well-being.

Our ever-expanding Caring Community continues our congregational journey to developing a Temple community where caring is a shared responsibility and privilege of all. You are already part of our Caring Community.

What can a Caring Community provide?

  • Provide support during times of loss and bereavement
  • Comfort those who are ill
  • Acknowledge and celebrate life’s simchas
  • Provide live long learning opportunities about health and wellness
  • Provide support and resources to all so we can foster connections and nurture each on another

Where are we now and where are we going?

Over the past few years, a core group of congregants and staff have come together to build upon the foundation that was already in place. We have researched best practices for creating and sustaining a Caring Community, received guidance and specialized training from community specialists, and we will continue to learn to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of our PTS community. For now, our efforts focus on:

  • Providing support during times of bereavement and loss
  • Comforting those who are ill or isolated
  • Providing ongoing learning opportunities for the entire PTS community to address a variety of health and wellness issues across all generations
  • Providing ongoing support and skill-building to volunteers


Help be part of the Caring Community, email Bev Rochelle, brochelle@sholom.org today!