Rosh HaShanah Morning Torah Drash

Rabbi Lisa Delson

This moment in the Torah is so heartbreaking, as a parent, as a human. It almost looks like she is giving up.


We are the Builders that the Jewish Community Needs

Rabbi Liora Alban

The conversation needs to shift. We need Jewish community now more than ever, and, Jewish community needs us.


From Anger to Action

But what I’m asking us to see on this day of reckoning with our emotions, is that anger moves toward action. When we act that gives us hope that it might change in the future.


The Importance of Israel in the Continuation of Jewish Peoplehood by Rabbi Dan Feder

All around the world, millions of members of the Jewish people are gathering to pray on this holy day. And, generally speaking, we’re all facing Jerusalem while we do that. It’s an interesting characteristic of who we are as a people. And when we chant the Gevurot prayer we include a line about dew or […]


Open-Heartedness by Rabbi Lisa Delson

Living with that heart of stone is a safe. If we don’t like something, we block it, we retreat into our phones, or rant about it on Facebook.


Neil Heller, Congregant Story 5779

Neil Heller

Communities are like highly complex jigsaw puzzles, with big and small pieces, rounded and straight edged pieces, and bright and shiny colored pieces. Just when you think you’ve figured out your puzzle, you discover a new piece and have to find a place to fit it in.

 If you think of our community as an […]


One Voice for the New Year

The sound of the shofar compels us to respond with a resounding call for justice.