Ginger Roehrig, Congregant Story 5779

Ginger Roehrig

This, I believe, stems from one of PTS’s core values - inclusivity.


Doug Benson, Congregant Story 5779

Doug Benson

My first connection to PTS was song— our collective joyful noise.


Andi Zussman, Congregant Story 5779

Andi Zussman

What I hadn’t expected was that my sense of belonging and connection to the larger PTS family would also grow.


Judy Bornstein, Congregant Story 5779

Judy Bornstein

...And yet, I just kept finding kind people who extended a hand of friendship, and who then introduced me to other kind people, and somehow, slowly, with every step I took into this community, I kept finding new friends.


Michael Fried, Congregant Story 5779

Michael Fried

Who among us remembers where they were on 9/11?  How about 9/14, just 3 days later.  I know precisely where I was on both days, and on erev Shabbat, Friday, September 14th, 2001 I was with my family, my wife Lois and my son Aaron, right here in this very Sanctuary.   The Sanctuary had seats all […]


Michelle Tandowsky, Congregant Story 5779

Michelle Tandowsky

Holidays, especially, are a time for community. And – on this holiday – I want to tell you about my connection to this community, to all of you. One sunny morning several years ago, I was here at PTS for a working meeting in the temple office. Once everyone arrived, we realized our group was […]


Neil Heller, Congregant Story 5779

Neil Heller

Communities are like highly complex jigsaw puzzles, with big and small pieces, rounded and straight edged pieces, and bright and shiny colored pieces. Just when you think you’ve figured out your puzzle, you discover a new piece and have to find a place to fit it in.

 If you think of our community as an […]


Sandy Monasch, Congregant Story 5779

Sandy Monasch

At PTS, we have made lifelong friends as well as having been able to once again renew friendships with our youthful friends from our time at Religious school and camp Saratoga.