Please join us for the 2021 Peninsula Temple Sholom Congregational Meeting. Although we cannot meet in person again this year, we look forward to seeing you by Zoom.* Please help us make a quorum of at least 50 members in good standing so we can conduct our business.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

9:30 am – Log in to check that your technology is set
10:00 am – Meeting begins
Bring your own coffee and bagel!

Registration for the Annual Meeting is required so that we can track attendance and ensure that we have a documented quorum of 50 members in good standing, which is necessary to conduct business. Register here.

The Annual Congregational Meeting is especially important this year as we will be voting on new proposed Bylaws, presented by Scott Haber and Arlene Rosenberg, co-chairs of the Bylaws Task Force. All congregation members have received a separate communication describing the proposed Bylaws. Or, you can visit the Bylaws page to read more.

In addition, you’ll have an opportunity to hear from President Jon Herstein, Rabbi Dan Feder, and Treasurer Jason Pollard about the state of our PTS community. We will also be recognizing outstanding congregants for their dedication and contributions to our community: Margie Isaak, Volunteer of the Year; Andrea Cohn, Ner Tamid; and Arlene Rosenberg, Trustee of the Year.

We will affirm our strong lay leadership by electing a new slate of trustees to take office beginning July 1. The Nominating Committee, led by Immediate Past President Heidi Schell, has proposed the following congregants1:

Current Trustees Nominated for Two-Year Terms:
Jason Pollard, Lisa Rosenthal, and Stuart Zussman (2nd term)
Julie Feuchtwang and Andy Oliff (3rd term)
Scott Haber and Jon Herstein (4th term)

New Trustees Nominated for Two-Year Terms:
Marsha Begun and Joel Silk

Other business includes approving minutes from the 2020 Annual Meeting, which are posted at

*PTS’s bylaws require the congregation to hold a meeting of the entire membership (the “Annual Meeting”) during May or June every year for the purpose of presenting the following year’s budget, receiving reports from the president and clergy, and electing Trustees for the coming year. In light of ongoing limitations on indoor gatherings due to COVID-19, the Board of Trustees determined that it is necessary and prudent for us to hold the 2021 Annual Meeting electronically in order to comply with our bylaws and ensure the health and safety of our congregants.

1 The PTS bylaws permit members to submit additional nominations by gathering a petition signed by fifty (50) other congregants in good standing. Petitions must be submitted to Arlene Rosenberg, Secretary, no later than June 7, 2021.