From the President

Heidi SchellWelcome to Peninsula Temple Sholom and thanks for visiting!

PTS is an inclusive Jewish community where everyone can find peace, inspiration and their own connection to Judaism.

I am deeply honored to serve as PTS’ president as it is here that I discovered my Jewish identity and the beauty of belonging to a Jewish community.

My husband and I joined PTS as an interfaith family when we enrolled our daughter in PTS’ Preschool. Having grown up without any Jewish education, I began taking classes because of my daughter and ultimately continued studying for myself. Our Jewish texts and traditions resonated with me. PTS’ worship services inspired me with beautiful music and prayer even though I didn’t understand Hebrew. I met wonderful people, many of whom are now dear friends. I discovered a warm and welcoming community, which has embraced our family and shown up for us in times of joy and sadness.

Most importantly, I felt and continue to feel a deep connection to Judaism and to this amazing community.

Perhaps you are already a member looking for new ways to engage and connect. Maybe you are interested in joining PTS and are seeking information about our vibrant Preschool or Youth Education Program. Or, maybe you are simply exploring our worship services, lifelong learning opportunities or social action programs. Wherever you are on your Jewish journey, we welcome you.

I found my connection and I invite you to find yours here at PTS.


Heidi Schell
President, Board of Trustees