Donate to a Fund

This is a comprehensive list of the funds to which you can donate. (When you complete our online donation form, you’ll be asked to select a fund where your donation should be directed.)

General Purpose Funds

  • Cantor’s Discretionary Fund

    The cantor uses this fund for charitable purposes and to support PTS projects and programming not otherwise budgeted.

  • General Fund

    This fund is used where most needed, as determined by the Board of Trustees.

  • Rabbis’ Discretionary Fund

    The rabbis use this fund for charitable purposes and to support PTS projects and programming not otherwise budgeted.

  • L’Dor Vador Fund

    Supports the ongoing operations of the congregation into the future. It is requested that the minimum contribution to this fund be $1,000.

Care and Concern Funds

  • Carter Deeds of Loving Kindness Fund

    Assists congregants who experiencing financial difficulty. Recipient’s names are kept anonymous.

  • Caring Community Fund

    Supports the work of our Caring Community, who provides support and outreach to congregants who are ill, grieving, or lonely, and welcomes new members to our community.

  • Mitzvah Moms Fund

    Mitzvah Moms are Preschool parents who acknowledge happy and sad family occasions, reaching out to Preschool families by giving support and lending a helping hand.

  • Shaine Family Social Justice Fund

    Supports new social justice initiatives and ongoing programs at PTS that are not otherwise covered in PTS’ annual budget.

  • Social Justice (and Home & Hope) Fund

    Supports programming related to social justice or social action issues, including Home & Hope.

Programming Funds

  • Campus Visits Fund

    Supports rabbinic outreach and visits to congregants’ students on college campuses.

  • Jack and Elisa Klein Adult Studies Fund

    Provides for scholars-in-residence at PTS.

  • Holocaust and Historical Projects Fund

    Used for educational or other programming related to the Holocaust, Jewish History or PTS History.

  • Layton Programming Fund

    Provides seed money for new temple programs for their first year.

  • Lokey Educational and Programming Fund

    Supports educational and cultural programming for the temple.

  • Myrna Jacobs Music and Performance Fund

    Underwrites music and other performances at the temple

  • Monasch Program Fund

    Provides for educational programs at the temple.

  • Helen Raiskin Concert Fund

    Underwrites musical programs at the temple.

  • Raiskin/Reich Youth Fund

    Helps finance PTS teenage activities of a community, spiritual or learning nature.

  • Cantor Barry Reich Tribute Fund

    Supports musical programs, songleader training scholarships. and social action initiatives close to Cantor Reich’s heart.

  • Solomon Lectureship Fund

    Assists in bringing speakers or adult education programs to the temple.

  • Teen Fund

    Helps finance PTS teenage activities of a community, spiritual or learning nature.

  • Teen PARTY Fund

    Helps finance activities related to the temple’s youth group, PARTY.

  • Wisialowski Leadership Development Fund

    Supports leadership development and programming for lay leaders.

  • Zeichick Family Fund for Sukkat Shalom

    Supports educational, social action and other programming to enhance the Sukkat Shalom, the shelter of peace.

School Funds

  • Preschool Fund

    The Preschool uses this fund to pay for non-budgeted special equipment and programs.

  • Gage Family Religious School Fund

    Enables the Youth Education program to provide enrichment and to purchase equipment which is not provided for in the general budget.

  • Youth Education Fund

    Supports Youth Education activities and purchases.

Operating Funds

  • Peter Battat Memorial Fund

    Maintains the Peter Battat Memorial Fountain, enhances the Cantor Barry Reich Meditation Garden, and adds warmth to the synagogue entry.

  • Beautification Fund

    Supports ongoing beautification of the temple.

  • Jerry Ezrin Memorial Fund

    Supports technologies and tools to extend PTS services beyond the walls of the synagogue. such as streaming of worship services and special events.

  • Financial Freedom Fund

    Funds to help eliminate the temple’s mortgage..

  • Christopher L. Fishtrom Landscaping Fund

    Supports landscape planting for the exterior grounds beautification of PTS.

  • Jeremy Friedman Memorial Library Fund

    Supports the purchase of books and library supplies, library programming and other expenses to improve the adult library.

  • Hirschberg Children’s Library Fund

    Purchases books and materials for the Hirschberg Children’s Library.

  • Hanne Kaufman Memorial Prayer Book Fund

    Purchases prayer books for use in the temple.

  • Music & Technology Fund

    Used by the rabbis and cantor to purchase equipment that is used for temple performances and as teaching tools.

  • Sephardic Minyan Fund

    Pays for special activities based on the recommendation of the Sephardic Minyan.

  • Shabbaton Fund

    Supports PTS congregational retreats.

Scholarships and Camperships

  • Barkoff/Weinstock Summer in Israel Fund

    Provides need-based assistance to students for their Confirmation trip Israel.

  • Campership/Israel Scholarship Fund

    Need-based support for students wishing to attend a URJ summer camp or Israel experience.

  • Barbara Cohn Preschool Scholarship Fund

    Used for Preschool scholarships.

  • Alexa Paige Goldman Israel Scholarship Fund

    Provides an annual merit-based award for a Confirmation class student or students to attend a NFTY summer in Israel program.

  • Ida and Sam Levin/Gail Lowenthal Memorial Campership Fund

    Supports students wishing to attend URJ Camp Newman and whose families are in need of financial assistance beyond grants or loans made by the camps and the Jewish Community Federation.

  • Rabbi Gerald Raiskin and Helen Raiskin Preschool Scholarship Fund

    Used for Preschool scholarships.

  • Sylvia Solomon Religious School Scholarship Fund

    Used for Religious School scholarships.