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Our community reflects the diversity of Bay Area life, with individuals and families from various religious backgrounds and ethnicities. We offer dynamic programs for congregants across the age and life-stage spectrum. Our clergy, staff, and lay leaders are actively building a community where each person can find their own connection to Judaism.

Each synagogue has its own character, and we encourage potential congregants to visit many synagogues. PTS is special because of our dynamic clergy team and our strong community that puts relationships and connection at the forefront of all that we do. We offer meaningful and musical Shabbat worship, pastoral care from our clergy team, personalized lifecycle events, a world-class preschool, a vibrant youth education program, creative learning opportunities, the opportunity to live Jewish values through our social justice program, and so much more. Please come in for a visit.

You are welcome to become a member of PTS if at least one individual in the family is Jewish. All members of interfaith families are integral to our community and are invited to participate as much as they would like. And, individuals who are considering conversion are invited to contact our clergy and participate in our community throughout their exploration.

We are thrilled that you are thinking about becoming a member at PTS! We like to make the process personal and would like to connect with you before you complete any paperwork. Please contact Karen Wisialowski, Chief Community Officer, at to arrange and a visit and/or a call.

Our philosophy is that community and education are intertwined. Therefore, families must be members of PTS for their children to be a part of our Youth Education program. Except in unusual circumstances, children are required to be enrolled in a religious school program for at least three years before they have their bar or bat mitzvah ceremony.

Our Youth Education program offers children the opportunity to learn and live Judaism in a vibrant and creative environment. Enrollment for the following year occurs each spring. Families must be members to enroll. For more information about the program contact the Youth Education office at 650-697-5579 or visit

Our preschool is highly sought after because it is a superb program for children and families. PTS members have first priority for enrollment, which takes place in February of each year. For a tour, contact the Preschool at 650-697-2279. For more information about the program visit,

We never let financial means get in the way of someone being a part of our community. To make special arrangements, please contact Karen Wisialowski, Chief Community Officer, at

The best way to feel connected to our PTS community is to jump right in. Attend a Shabbat service, study group, or social justice program. If you’d like to help plan an event, greet at Shabbat, or be a part of our caring community, we welcome you. Or, if you have a different idea, please let us know. We can find a place for you in the spotlight or behind the scenes. Contact and we’ll help you find your place.

Spending time with clergy is one of the great joys of being a part of the PTS community. Start by attending Shabbat worship or one of the clergy’s ongoing classes. Visit our Adult Learning page. Or, reach out to the clergy directly by email or phone to let them know that you would like to spend some time.

PTS is a Reform Jewish congregation. Our services and traditions reflect Reform Jewish values as well as the diversity of observance within our own community. Please check out our services at To find out more about Reform Judaism, please visit,