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April 17, 2014   17 Nisan 5774
Artists and Scholars  

John Rothmann
Sunday, Oct. 6, 9:00 am
Looking Back at the Yom Kippur War

Monday, Feb. 24, 6:30 pm (dinner at 5:45 pm)
John the 23rd and the Jews

Wednesday, Apr. 30, 6:30 pm (dinner 5:45 pm)
What We Knew When: The Impact of the Holocaust

John Rothmann is a perennial favorite at PTS and is kicking off our 2013 series. Besides being a KGO Radio Talk show host, he is also an author, lecturer, teacher, activist, and political consultant. He has spoken at over 150 campuses throughout the United States, Canada, and Israel, and was even involved in Richard Nixon's political campaign in 1968.

Erev Sukkot: Musical Celebration and Dinner with Dan Nichols
Wednesday, Sept. 18
5:00pm Concert
6:00pm Dinner
7:00pm Erev Sukkot Service and Musical Celebration
8:00pm Oneg Sukkot

It's a Sukkot Celebration not to be missed! Beloved and dynamic Jewish musician Dan Nichols will kick off our Erev Sukkot festivities with a rockin', participatory concert in the sukkah. Next, we'll enjoy a delicious dinner in the Social Hall. Then, join us back in the Sukkah as Dan participates in leading the brief Erev Sukkot service with our clergy, followed by more singing and celebrating under the stars. Dan's live performances are legendary for their unrestrained energy and infectious spirit -- come be a part of the fun! To RSVP for dinner, please contact Georgina at gbaca@sholom.org or (650) 697-2266. Cost for dinner is $10 children/$15 adults.

Family Shabbat Service and Song Session with Rick Recht
Friday, Dec. 6, 7:00 pm

We welcome back top touring and electrifying Jewish rock musician Rick Recht. Together with our fifth graders, Rick will lead us in an engaging and musical Shabbat evening service. Then, join us as we sing our hearts out during a special Oneg Shabbat concert and song session following services. This will be a Shabbat to remember!

Learn and Sing with Rabbi Noam Katz
Friday, May 16
6:00pm Shabbat Tots 'n' Torah
7:00pm Erev Shabbat Service
Sunday, May 18, Concert

Rabbi, educator, and musician, Noam Katz is one of the most exciting voices in contemporary Jewish music. He has shared his high-flying energy and soulful melodies with Jewish and interfaith audiences throughout North America, Africa, and Israel. In our own PTS community, Noam is best known as the composer of favorites "Roll Into Dark, Roll Into Light," and the Ugandan-inspired "Am Yisrael Chai." In 2003, Noam embarked on the most exciting journey of his life, spending three months with the Abayudaya Jews of Uganda. He has since shared their powerful story and music with audiences young and old, incorporating the message of Jewish unity and tikkun olam wherever he goes. Noam will lead us in Shabbat evening services for both our Tots'n'Torah (Preschool) and general PTS communities, and will perform a rockin' and participatory concert on the last day of Religious School.

Biblical Sources for Transformation, Rabbi Tamara Cohn Eskenazim Ph.D.
Friday, Nov. 15
6:00pm Shabbat service
Saturday, Nov. 16
9:00am Torah Today
10:30 am Shabbat Morning Lay Minyan
Sunday, Nov. 17
9:00am Lifelong Learning Presentation

Dr. Tamara Cohn Eskenazi is Professor of Bible at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Los Angeles. She is the first woman to be appointed as professor to the rabbinical faculty. Dr. Eskenazi has a unique talent for bringing our ancient Biblical texts to life, enabling us to find relevance and resonance in our contemporary lives. Over the weekend, we will study biblical texts that enabled our ancestors to reclaim their dreams, and discover what these texts can do to help us shape and renew ours, personally and communally. Among her many awards and achievements, Dr. Eskenazi is the recipient, along with Dr. Andrea L. Weiss, of the National Jewish Book of the Year Award in 2008 for The Torah: A Women's Commentary, as well as the 2012 National Jewish Book Award for Women's Studies for her book The JPS Bible Commentary: Ruth (with the late Tikva Frymer-Kensky).

Seeing Each Other, Seeing Ourselves, Rabbi Reuven Firestone, Ph.D.
Friday, Feb. 28
6:00pm Shabbat service
Saturday, Mar. 1
9:00am Torah Today
10:30 am Shabbat Morning Lay Minyan
Sunday, Mar. 2
9:00am Lifelong Learning Presentation

Reuven Firestone is professor of medieval Judaism and Islam at Hebrew Union College (HUC), Los Angeles. Also on the faculty of the University of Southern California and senior fellow of USC's Center for Religion and Civic Culture, Rabbi Firestone is co-director of the new Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement, a project of HUC in partnership with USC and the Omar Ibn al-Khattab Foundation. In addition to being a talented scholar and teacher, Rabbi Firestone is also a gifted religious and cultural ambassador, helping Jews and Muslims to understand one another's traditions and perspectives. With his guidance, we will deepen our understanding both of ourselves and of our monotheistic neighbors.

Exploring the World of Judaism  

PTS is pleased to continue its partnership with the JewishLearning Works (former the Bureau of Jewish Education) to bring our Religious School parents an exciting, multi-session program called Exploring the World of Judaism. A program of Peninsula Temple Sholom and the JewishLearning Works, Exploring the World of Judaism is supported in part by the Newton and Rochelle Becker Charitable Trust and Elisa Klein Memorial Fund.

From Pioneers to Entrepreneurs: Israel's Economic Revolution
Sunday, Sept. 29, 9:15am and 11:30am

When Zionists first came to Palestine, more than 120 years ago, they encountered a harsh climate and poor soil. When the State of Israel was established 65 years ago, it endured an all out Arab invasion and then absorbed millions of new immigrants. How did this state, home to few natural resources, survive economically? How did Israel become part of the economically developed world? And how did the country of the kibbutz and the pioneering farmers transform into a Silicon Valley on the shores of the Mediterranean? Join Dr. Eran Kaplan as he examines Israel's economic and social history to try to understand Israel's economic miracle and to try to assess the opportunities and challenges that may lie ahead.

"The Goats Know the Way" and other Stories of Judaic Wit and Wisdom from Around the World
Sunday, Oct. 20, 9:15am and 11:30am

Explore the world of Jewish storytelling, with mystical roots in midrash, in the Hebrew Alphabet, and in folklore. Learn about the deep connections between folkloric stories, rabbinic lessons, and the unique Jewish view of "Truth." Join Erica Lann-Clark for an enjoyable morning of stories from Chelm, Yemen, the Sephardic tradition, and works of the great Yiddish storytellers, Peretz, Singer, and Aleichem.

Cultivating Gratitude: Jewish Perspectives On the Spiritual Importance of Thankfulness
Sunday, Nov. 3, 9:15 am and 11:30 am

Recent studies have shown that approaching life with gratitude not only greatly increases one's happiness; it has a strong, positive effect on one's health as well. As a Jewish culture, with our self-deprecating humor and dark history, are we destined to a life of gloom and tedium? Quite the opposite! Our liturgy, philosophy, and stories are ripe with praise, thanksgiving, and appreciation. Join Rabbi Andrea Berlin as we learn and practice the art of gratitude in order to strengthen our bonds to loved ones, glow in the joy of our own confidence, and celebrate human and natural beauty.

Jewish Humor Through the Ages: What's so Funny and Why?
Sunday, Dec. 15; 9:15 am and 11:30am

From the Marx Brothers to Seinfeld, Uncle Miltie to Jon Stewart, Jewish comics have defined American humor. So says Michael Krasny, best known as host of KQED-FM's award-winning Forum interview show. Laugh along with Dr. Krasny in a presentation of Jewish humor and the meaning behind it, with a veritable feast of Jewish jokes.

Get the Lifelong Learning Brochure!  
Classes and More!  

Join us for interactive discussions on variety of topics that matter. Everyone is welcome. Come every week, or drop in when you can. (Please check the Temple schedule for dates and times.)

Torah Today with Rabbi Feder
Parashat Hashavuah or Weekly Torah Portion
Most Saturdays, 9:00-10:15 AM
Room 11

Start your Shabbat morning by delving into the words of our Torah. We'll read excerpts of each portion and explore traditional commentaries as well as modern interpretations. This is a study session for people who want to engage in lively debate and active dialogue about how our ancient texts are relevant in our lives today.

Hot Topics with Rabbi Feder
Mostly Third or Fourth Thursday of Each Month, Noon-1:30 PM

Join this round-table discussion to take a contemporary look at Jewish thought, ideas, and teachings. Topics might include Israel, preparation for holy days, Jewish mourning rituals, a Jewish look at the New Testament, or Jewish philosophy. Whether you become a regular or are a periodic participant, all are welcome. Join us at the Law Offices of Norman Harris, 1220 Howard Avenue, Burlingame. This is the ultimate brown-bag lunch - you supply the food and Rabbi Feder supplies the food for thought.

Back to the Source with Rabbi Feder
A Verse by Verse Reading of the Torah
Most Wednesdays, 11:00 AM-Noon
Room 11

The Torah has influenced civilization more than any other book. The Torah has it all - poetry, history, lofty narratives, epic family dramas, and inspiring moral teachings. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take the time to really understand all our Torah has to offer? Bring your lunch if it's during your lunch break, and join us as we explore the meaning of a passage, understand the nuances of the language, and gain greater insights about key teachings.

Judaism 101
Wednesday Evenings, Oct. 2-Jan. 8

Our own Rabbi Feder is delighted to participate in the community-wide introduction to Judaism class. Judaism 101 is a 12-session course designed for Jews who seek a deeper connection with their heritage, and for people who are not Jewish and desire an introduction to Jewish life and ideas. Topics include: fundamental Jewish ideas and beliefs; ethics; the Sabbath and holidays; and Jewish identity. Each one of the senior rabbis of the community and the Head of the Wornick Jewish Day School will teach two sessions of the course so that participants may have the opportunity to get to know them. This course will be facilitated by Rabbi Lavey Derby, Director of Jewish Life at the PJCC. Pre-registration is required through the PJCC at (650) 212-PJCC (7522).

Jewish Tradition and Bereavement Rituals
Wednesdays, Oct. 30 & Nov. 6; 7:00pm

This intimate look at Jewish mourning rituals is designed for those who have experienced a loss as well as those who would like to learn more about the Jewish approach to bereavement. Learn why these ancient rituals still provide comfort and give expression to eternal truths about the human condition.

The Book of Job: When Bad Things Happened to a Good Person
Thursdays, May 1, 8, 15; 7:00pm

Harold Kushner's new book, The Book of Job: When Bad Things Happened to a Good Person provide us with an opportunity to discuss the most challenging, daring, and relevant book in the entire Bible. Through discussion of Rabbi Kushner's book, we will confront the biblical world that produced "Job" as well as the modern world that continues to cry out for answers to life's deepest mysteries. Pick up your copy of the book and join in the conversation with members of our PTS community.

PTS Clergy at The Magnolia
Once a month on Wednesdays; 2:00pm

A monthly opportunity for Jewish learning with Rabbi Feder, Rabbi Stern and Cantor Reich. These engaging hour-long discussions focus on a wide range of meaningful subjects, from Jewish approaches to life, Jewish and folk music, Jewish holidays, and more.

Psalms: Finding Ourselves in Biblical Poetry
Monday, Mar. 3, 10, 17, 24, 7:00pm
Led by Rabbi Rebecca Stern

The Book of Psalms is a Biblical compilation of lyric poetry. The Psalms use evocative language and imagery to address the full range of human experience, from ecstatic joy to deepest despair. Accordingly, Jewish tradition makes regular use of the Psalms, both as part of our prayer services, and during times of personal struggle, illness, and bereavement. Join us as we find our own voices and experiences echoed in the Psalms.

Become an Adult Bar or Bat Mitzvah
Two Sundays Per Month, Beginning Sunday, Sept 29; 1:30pm
Led by Rabbi Rebekah Stern

Missed the opportunity to become a bar or bat mitzvah as a kid? Wishing you could better follow along in the prayer book during services? Excited about reading from the Torah? Join this year's adult b'nai mitzvah class! Adults from all levels of Hebrew, including total beginners, are welcome. Participants will become b'nai mitzvah together during Erev Shabbat services on Friday, May 30, 2014. Pre-register with Annie O'Keeffe at aokeeffe@sholom.org, (650) 697-2266 so that we can order your Hebrew book.

Origins of Our People
Wednesdays, Beginning Oct 30; 11:00am
Led by Rabbi Rebekah Stern

Join us as we trace our Jewish story, walking in the footsteps of our ancestors, beginning in the Biblical period. We'll explore ancient Jewish history and move with our people through the ages and across the world. Join us as we explore the historical record of some of the most well-known people and events in our Bible and beyond.

One Bay One Book: Join the Bay Area's Largest Jewish Book Club
Wednesday, Feb. 20, 7:00 pm
Led by Rabbi Rebekah Stern

We are proud to partner again with Jewish LearningWorks and the Jewish Community Library in the Bay Area-wide discussion of Dara Horn's suspenseful new novel A Guide for the Perplexed. Beginning with the author's appearance at the kickoff event at the JCCSF on Sunday, Sept. 23, Jewish organizations across the Bay Area will host discussions and events all year long. Pick up your copy of the book, and join in the conversation with members of our PTS community.

Tekiah... This One Is For You
Led by Cantor Barry Reich

This year, be the voice of Peninsula Temple Sholom. We will be starting a very high-level choral project at PTS. If you are a singer, please consider participating in a world premiere performance of a work written by Michael Issacson for Peninsula Temple Sholom. In 2006, Michael Issacson was honored by the American Society of Jewish Music, Hebrew Union College, and the Jewish Theological Seminary as one of the ten most influential living composers of synagogue music. He has more honors and awards than can be listed here.

Our teacher and conductor will be our very own congregant, Ilan Glasman, who is the choral director at DeAnza College in Cupertino. He was born in Israel and received his Ph.D. in the US. We are excited about working with him and look forward to creating something very beautiful together. Auditions will be held in January 2014. Please stay tuned for audition information to appear in the Bulletin.

A New Perspective: Israel Through the Eyes of Filmmakers
Mondays, Oct 7.-Nov. 11. 7:00pm
Led by Eran Vaisben

These six discussion sessions will lead us through interpretations of various internal conflicts within Israeli society and how filmmakers strive to portray them. We will watch short scenes from several movies and documentaries − produced over the past decade − and discuss their meaning and significance. Some of the issues will include Israel security, illegal immigrants, and minority populations. Sign up by Wednesday, Sept 25, by contacting Eran Vaisben, Education Director at evaisben@sholom.org, (650) 697-5579.

Origins of Our People
Mondays, Feb 3.-Mar. 17, 7:00pm
Led by Eran Vaisben

This six-session class will offer a close reading of various "first time" biblical stories. Who was the first to laugh? What was the first love story? Who was really the first king of Israel? What was the first dream?We will answer these questions and many more. Sign up by Thursday, Jan 23, by contacting Eran Vaisben, Education Director at evaisben@sholom.org, (650) 697-5579.


Support for Lifelong Learning

The following PTS funds are the primary sponsors of Lifelong Learning, Israel and Music programming: Jack and Elisa Klein Adult Studies, Myrna Jacobs Music and Performance, Ed & Bertha Lokay Programming, Monasch Program, Helen Raiskin Concert and Solomon Lectureship. Thank you to the generous individuals who have supported these funds over the years.

Lifelong Learning and other programs require a significant financial commitment each year, and by next year PTS will be in need of additional funding sources. If you are interested in supporting our Lifelong Learning, Music or Israel programming by making a donation or sponsoring an event, please contact Sandy Silverstein, Executive Director, at 650-697-2266 or ssilverstein@sholom.org.

If you have programming ideas or are interested in joining a committee, please contact:

Lifelong Learning: Elizabeth Gottfried
Music Events: Kathleen Shugar
Israel Events: Fred Sturm

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